‘Bikini Climber’ Freezes to Death After Terrible Fall

By Pacey on January 22, 2019
(Photo by Philipp Guelland/Getty Images)

There was a beautiful woman that would climb to the top of mountains over in Taiwan, and would take pictures of herself in bikinis. She was an extremely viral social media influencer, and seems like she did it all for fun. GiGi Wu was taking part in a 25-day hike on Taiwan’s Yushan Mountain when she fell down a ravine. In the fall, the Taiwanese climber injured her leg and was unable to move. On the second day that she was stuck, she was able to call her friend and tell her what happened. While emergency responders were aware of her condition and location, they weren’t able to get to her quickly because of dangerous weather conditions. Unfortunately it took 28 hours for them to be able to reach her, and by that time she had frozen to death.

This is not the first time anyone has died while attempting to take a selfie. A couple fell into the grand canyon trying to take a selfie last year, and there have been hundreds of selfie related deaths in the past couple of years. Please be careful when taking a selfie!

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