Blake Shelton Responds To Luke Bryan’s Offer To Officiate His Wedding

Luke Bryan went on the record to say that he’ll officiate Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s wedding if they ever tie the knot.

By Admin on April 24, 2018
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(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

It’s a joy to witness the bromance between Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton. The pair constantly rally playful burns for our enjoyment.

Entertainment Tonight recently caught up with Luke during the ACM Awards, where he joked:

“I’ll do the sermon. The sermon? The service? I would be honored to marry Blake and Gwen [Stefani]. If Blake were smart, he would marry her before she goes to an optometrist. Every time I meet Gwen, she’s holding her phone way out here. I’m like, ‘That’s it, she can’t see!'”

Blake fired back his own response:

“Luke’s not even a legitimate country artist, much less like somebody that can marry people, you know what I’m saying.”

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Kelly Clarkson, fellow coach on The Voice, chimed in, saying:

“If you want [the wedding] to be real, maybe you should get, like, a real [officiant]. Because we thought about Blake doing my husband and I [but] I [wanted] it to be real.”

Turns out, Luke agrees. After hearing Blake and Kelly’s response, he said with a laugh:

“You know what, of all the smart — that may be the smartest thing he’s ever done.”

Never change, you two.

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