Bogle Winery Is Taking Care Of 6,000 Sacramento Health Care Workers

By kncipat on April 15, 2020
Photo by INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images

Three big stories in today’s “Good Stuff.” 

Bogle Winery out of Clarksburg is buying meals for 6,000 Sacramento medical workers this week.  And they’re doing it in a really cool way.  Bogle is providing meals from  local Sacramento restaurants including Zocalo, Beach Hut Deli,  Buckhorn Grill, Mulvaney’s, and Urban Roots.  So not only is Bogle taking care of our Health Care Heroes they are injected roughly $60,000 into Sacramento’s economy.  The next time I buy wine you can bet it’ll be Bogle.

An out of work special education teacher in Dallas, Texas got his stimulus check yesterday and is using all of it to help his students.  Ruben Cacers is using the money to make protective masks for all of his students.  Ruben said, “I wanted to give them something that they would be able to wear so that if their family wanted to take them outside they would still be protected.”

An Army Veteran has started walking laps in his backyard to raise money to fight COVID-19.  People are sponsoring him pledging money for each lap. His name is Tom Moore and he has a big backyard…..more than an acre.   He started this a week ago with a goal of making 100 laps by April 30th.  That seems like a modest goal.  Why April 30th?  Because that’s Tom’s birthday.  Why 100 laps?  Because that’s how old WW 2 Veteran Tom Moore will be.  And this thing has caught fire.  So far he’s raised $3.3 million dollars

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