Boy With Down Syndrome Accepted To College And His Reaction Is Priceless

By kncipat on July 21, 2021
Photo courtesy of Glenn Kinley

“Got a call from my little brother recently. I could tell he was fighting back tears when I answered.” Those of the words of Glenn Kinley. His little brother, Kurt Kinley, has Down syndrome. Despite his challenges Kurt never gave up on his dream. He didn’t want to go into an adult program. He didn’t want to work on an organic farm. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with these choices Kurt’s dream was always to go to college. To augment his income Kurt’s been working at a local bakery and trampoline park. At the same time he’s been studying, testing, trying to raise his academic skills. He interviewed at the Heartland Academy for Learning Opportunities at Heartland Community College. And then he waited, and waited, and waited. Finally a letter came in the mail and Kurt was almost too nervous to read it. The absolute pure joy and excitement Kurt shows in the video where he learns he’s been accepted and will start school in the fall is just the best part of life. Kurt will take 2 classes every semester for two years. He’ll study money management, cooking,  and other life skills that are extremely important for developing independence. Check Kurt’s reaction right here. It’ll make your day.