Boy’s Emotional Reunion With Dog May Make Your Christmas (Video)

By kncipat on December 19, 2019
Photo by GUIDO KIRCHNER/DPA/AFP via Getty Images)

For years Carter told his mom and dad he only wanted one thing for Christmas or his birthday: a dog.  Specifically a black pug.  A lot of Christmases and birthdays passed and no dog.  Then this year for his 12th birthday Carter finally got one.  He named her Piper and the two were inseparable.  This year at Thanksgiving Piper got out and took off.  Carter and his family scoured the neighborhood and came up empty handed.  They made posters, knocked on doors, put it on social media, hit up local animal shelters.  Nothing.  Carter’s mom April said he was beyond depressed.  A few days ago April got a call from a local animal shelter saying that someone turned in a dog that fit Piper’s description.  April went to the shelter and sure enough it was Piper. When April went to pick Carter up from school that day she had Piper waiting in the front seat.  Carter had no idea.   When the two saw each other for the first time (in almost 3 weeks) both Carter and Piper’s reactions were priceless.  This may be the best Christmas reunion ever. 

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