Brad Paisley Getting His Own TV Show

By kncipat on September 10, 2019
Photo by Mark Horton/Getty Images

There was a bidding war for Brad Paisley and Amazon won.  Brad will star in his own TV show called, “Fish Out Of Water.”  It’s a comedy the Brad says reminds him of the Larry Sanders Show that starred Garry Shandling. 

A.D. Miles, head writer for Arrested Development and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon will write the scripts.  The show will also feature Will Arnett and among others Brad’s longtime friend, musician and producer Kendal Marcy (of the Oroville Marcy brothers…..remember those guys?  They released “Achy Breaky Heart,” before Billy Ray Cyrus got ahold of it).  

Brad plays the host of a tv fishing show that kind of gets out of hand.   So far there’s no debut date for “Fish Out Of Water,” but look for it soon on Amazon TV. 

And that time Tom took Brad Paisley fishing on Lake Berryessa

Here’s Brad’s #1 song about fishing, “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song)” 

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