Brad Paisley Torn Up On Twitter! (Video)

By kncipat on August 22, 2018
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Did he deserve it?  Brad Paisley’s pump-up speech to the Cleveland Browns went viral in a hurry.  Brad’s a Cleveland Browns fan and stopped by  practice.  The Browns are the subject of this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks.

According to Browns head coach, Hue Jackson had Brad speak to the team… know, to pump them up.   Here’s Brad’s speech to the team:

You can tell as Brad moves toward the team that he’s nervous. Heck, I’d be nervous too. What do you say to guys who could eat you for lunch?
Plus this is the team you’ve been watching and rooting for since third grade! Brad got pretty torn up on twitter.

Hey Drew…if the Browns finish 2-14 that’s 2 more wins than last year!

And Brad, who cares?! You got to spend a day with your team and new quarterback Baker Mayfield is now a fan. Here’s hoping for a few wins for the Browns this year.

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