Brett Eldredge Might Be Starring In A Movie Sometime Soon

Brett Eldredge has some serious ambition to give acting a try. The genre of film that he wants to get into may come as a surprise!

By Admin on December 26, 2018
brett eldredge
(Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for Black & White TV)

Brett Eldredge is a performer through and through. He hopes to tackle the silver screen next!

In an interview with Sounds Like Nashville, the singer revealed that he’s very seriously pursuing acting as an upcoming project.

“I’m just very animated, and I think that’s a lot of what acting is,” he said. “If you find a character that you’re supposed to portray, you give every single bit of yourself to becoming that character. And that’s what I do. Whenever I’m doing skits or anything, and I’m playing different character, I love that kind of stuff. So, I’m very passionate about, eventually, and I would say, hopefully, very soon, the next few years.”

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One might imagine someone like Eldredge starring in a romantic comedy… but he has his sights set on another genre entirely! “What would I want to do? I’d probably say, I like thrillers,” he confirmed. “Yeah, thrillers are my favorite. Thrillers.”

That should definitely be fun and interesting!

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