Brett Eldredge Makes Sure His Tours Are Fun: ‘This Is PLAY’

Of course, life on the road can get hectic and tiring sometimes. But despite everything, Brett Eldredge makes sure that his shows are fun and lively.

By Admin on April 6, 2018
brett eldrege
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Brett Eldredge officially launched on his The Long Way Tour on April 5.

Brett’s learned what makes a great tour from artists like Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, and even Taylor Swift:

“You learn so many things. I’ve never learned the same thing from every artist, and I’ve toured for a variety of different artists. I think what I learned the most is … how I set the environment to just make it a fun experience in life. [Not only for me] as an artist but for everyone around me.

“Everybody, they just treated me so well. I want to give that opportunity to other artists that are coming up, and treat them well. Have them feel like this isn’t a job.”

Brett learned the key to a successful tour is simply having fun! He told the Boot:

“This is play. This is playing music. This is having fun. This is what you live for. Sometimes, you get caught up in traveling to some places. But when I get on the stage and I feel that crowd … and I get to see the fans that are excited to see something they’ve never seen, or they come back because they loved that feeling the first time they got it and they’ve got to get it again …”

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