Brett Eldredge’s Secret To Traveling Succesfully

By kncitom on July 9, 2018

Brett Eldredge is one of the most positive people you could ever be around. So it shouldn’t really surprise anyone that one of the ways he reinforces that positive vibe is by keeping a “Gratitude Journal” (or, 5 minute journal) and he says he takes it with him everywhere he goes…

Brett tells Travel and Leisure magazine the way it works is “you start the day by answering a specific question… like, ‘What would make the day great?’” and the answer might be “Go on a hike and try to find a view I’ve never seen.”

Then at the end of the day, it asks you, ‘What made the day great?’  Maybe it isn’t what you set out to do, but you answer anyway, like “I danced like a goofball on the streets of Key West.”

Brett says he’s found that the simple exercise of writing down his experiences helps not only remember the good times but helps him appreciate the little things that make life good. Read more about it here 

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