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Bridezilla Furious After Her Crazy Weight-Based Wedding Dress Code Leaks

So far this year we’ve heard about bridezillas sending out an absurdly strict list of rules to guests, demanding guests pay thousands of dollars to attend the wedding, and secretly fattening up bridesmaids, but this latest one tops them all. There is a bride out there who sent a message to her guests that mentioned the dress code for her upcoming wedding – no problem there, except that she lays out what people must wear based on their weight.

A screenshot of her message was posted to Reddit and in it she explains, “The dress code is very specific because it will be used to create an incredible visual effect. If done right, it will make our synchronized dancing along the beach really pop.”

The dress code includes:

Women 100-160 lbs:

-GREEN velvet sweater

-Orange Suade Pants

Women 160+:

All black sweater pants

-Black heels

Meanwhile, men under 200 pounds are to show up in a purple fuzzy jacket, a soda hat and white trainers. They should also have glow sticks.

The good news is, once the dance is over, the guests can change out of those clothes, but the bad news is whatever they change into should be worth at least $1000 Australian dollars, or $722 American dollars. The bridezilla explained, “Remember, the venue is extremely upscale and we want to be looking our BEST ladies and gents… If you look like trash, so will we. This wedding is 24K themed for a reason.”

Not surprisingly, such a ridiculous post quickly spread, and eventually the bridezilla caught wind of it leaking. She was very unhappy and made her thoughts known in a new, even crazier post that announces a “polygraph party” to find the “rat” who leaked the dress code.

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