British Woman Has Extremely Short Labor, Gives Birth In Nine Minutes

A British woman named Nicole Jamieson just had an extremely short labor, giving birth within nine minutes of her water breaking!

By austind03 on August 14, 2018
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A British woman just had an extremely short labor, giving birth within nine minutes of her water breaking!

According to the Mirror, it seems the whole thing was a blur for 25-year-old Nicole Jamieson. She even says she barely had time to get out of bed before she delivered her first child.

Things kicked off one night after a day of eating fajitas and watching movies. Her partner, 25-year-old Jack Fallon, was singing Britney Spears and it was making Jamieson laugh hysterically. She explained:

“He’s such a bad singer, I was crying with laughter so that must have been what set it off.”

This led Jamieson to think that she needed to pee, so she made her way to the bathroom. However, once in there, her water suddenly broke and things immediately escalated. She described the situation, saying:

“It was nine minutes in total from my waters breaking. I was pushing for about two minutes. Before I knew it, he was there, on the bathroom floor. It didn’t even hurt.”

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In fact, it was so quick, Fallon almost missed the birth! He had to run outside for better cell service so they could call for an ambulance. However, once she had given birth, he leapt into action. Jamieson explained:

“When he saw what had happened, Jack grabbed the baby and shoved him on to my chest and then he started crying, so I knew he was OK.”

Half an hour later, the ambulance arrived to take them to the hospital. However, Jamieson only needed two tablets of a mild pain reliever about five hours after the birth and was otherwise fine.

Surprisingly, the baby came about three weeks early. Clearly though, it didn’t need to wait that extra time and was ready go!

While this probably doesn’t need to be said, most labors are usually not that short. According to the Mirror, the average labor lasts about 12 hours. However, the fastest labor in the UK happened with 20-year-old Daisy Stewart, who says she gave birth within five minutes.

We wish the best to both Nicole Jamieson, Jack Fallon and their new baby.

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