Brooks And Dunn 1st Single Off Reboot Is “Brand New Man,” With Luke Combs (Videos)

Luke Combs version of “Brand New Man,” is spot on. 

By kncipat on February 11, 2019
Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images

Last week we told you about the new Brooks and Dunn album, “Reboot.”  It’s 12 Brooks and Dunn classic songs redone with many of today’s country artists like Thomas Rhett and Jon Pardi.  There are ten other artists who join Brooks and Dunn too.  So with 12 big hits how do you pick a single?  Easy, you go with the guy who a) can sound like Ronnie Dunn, and b) has been doing this Brooks and Dunn song in his act from day one.  Luke Combs version of “Brand New Man,” is spot on.   Here’s Luke doing the song with a couple of his band members, and then Luke’s version with Brooks and Dunn off of “Reboot.” (the album comes out April 5th).  On the version from “Reboot,”  Luke sings first, then Ronnie Dunn, then all 3 and it’s outstanding. 

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