Buffalo Teen Who Spent 10 Hours Cleaning Up After Protests Is Rewarded With Car and A Full College Scholarship

By kncipat on June 8, 2020
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

18 year old Antonio Gwynn Jr lives in Buffalo New York. He loves his hometown so when he saw the damage from protests he acted.  He took his broom, trash bags, and headed out at 2 in the morning to start cleaning.  When a volunteer group of neighbors arrived at they found that Antonio had already done most of the work. In fact he swept up, cleaned up and bagged trash for 10 straight hours.

When word spread of Antonio’s work the community of Buffalo started responding. A news station came out and did a story on him.  Matt Block saw the story.  Matt  was getting ready to sell a car.  A car he always wanted as a child and had gotten for himself a few years ago but now rarely used. Matt gave the car to Antonio.  When local insurance agent Bob Briceland saw that story on twitter he donated a year of car insurance for Antonio. 

The car is a bright red 2004 Mustang convertible. The same make and model of the car Antonio’s late mother had.

Antonio’s plan was to go to trade school, get a job and save enough money to go to college. He wants to study business so he can open up and run his own body shop.  The dean of Medialle College also saw Antonio’s story and has offered him a 4 year full scholarship. Now Antonio doesn’t have to put his education on hold.  And the reason he started cleaning up? That’s what his late mom taught Antonio. Help where you can, as often as you can. For the whole story head here



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