California Country Artists T-eam Up For Fire Victims

100% of the proceeds help California wildfire victims

By kncitom on December 11, 2018

The hot, dry terrible summer of 2018 is over, but the damage caused by multiple record-setting wildfires remains. And now, the rebuilding begins for thousands who lost their homes in Shasta, Butte, Ventura and other counties…rebuilding not just homes, but lives. And, spearheaded by Jon Pardi, California’s country artists have gotten together to help in the recovery.

Jon, the headliner of KNCI’s Country in the Park 2019, told us that, during CMA week in Nashville, he and a couple fellow Californians found themselves talking about the wildfires and wondering what they could do to help.

“Me, Tyler Rich and Brett Young … were at a bar and we were like, we gotta do something now, and like, with our schedules we can’t all get a show out there but…we were like ‘we could build a t-shirt!”

He said they came up with the thought of putting names of all the country artists currently from California, including Orangevale’s Devin Dawson, Cam (from the Bay area) and Gary Allan (from Los Angeles), on the backs of the shirt to show solidarity. So Jon got his design team together to come up with the look. 

“We went through a lot of designs” Jon told us “We wanted something simple and cool…we wanted it to be, like, strong.” Jon says, adding, “We wanted to give our love back.”

Jon says he picked out the final design himself and showed it to his fellow Californians. “They all loved it. We all want one and we’re trying to print them as fast as we can.”

Who came up with the phrase “Cali Love”? 

“Brett came up with Cali Love, I’m gonna give that all to Brett. We were all like that’s perfect!”

100% of the shirt proceeds go to the Salvation Army to continue their assistance of the individual victims and whole communities affected by the fires so, hey, if you’re looking for a perfect stocking stuffer that also has some meaning behind it…just go to the link provided on Jon’s tweet and order yours. 

And if you’d like to hear Jon talk about the shirt…including what he plans to do with his once he gets it…click below





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