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California Regulators Are Considering Taxing Text Messages

Okayyyyyyy, this seems like a little much. But, according to KCRA, California regulators are considering taxing text messages. The proposal is coming from the California Public Utilities Commission.

They claim the taxes would be “used to support public programs like 911 service; the CPUC’s LifeLine program, which subsidizes phone rates for low income consumers; and the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program, which provides special equipment for the deaf and hard-of hearing.”

The proposed tax is not a for sure thing. At least not yet. The FCC classified texting as “information services” rather than “telecommunications services.” 

Californians already pay the highest income tax in the nation. On top of that, recycling batteries, used tires E-waste cost more than average and gas is more expensive.

Let us have our text messages so we can continue to not physically talk to people. 

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