California State Fair Announces Medal Winning Beers, Many Sacramento-Area Breweries

By Cody Briana on June 13, 2018
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If you’re a beer lover living in the Sacramento area, you already know there’s great beer here. The California State Fair competition is only a reminder. A handful of local breweries won medals in more than half of the categories, Sac Bee reports! #Proud

Before we get into Sacramento’s best, congrats to El Dorado Hills’ Mraz Brewing Co. for being named the state’s Brewery of the Year! Ol’ Republic Brewing and Urban Roots also won multiple categories.

American-Style IPA (121 entries): Urban Roots Brewing (Like Riding A Bike, 1st), Auburn Alehouse (Gold Digger IPA, 2nd), Three Mile Brewing Co. (Downtown Tom IPA, 3rd)

Double/Triple IPA (84 entries): Knee Deep Brewing Co. (Hop Trio, 1st), Porchlight Brewing Co. (Hardnox, 2nd)

New England/Hazy-Style IPA (81 entries): Porchlight Brewing Co. (All Haze Is Not Created Equal, 1st), Waterman Brewing Co. (Tropical Haze, 2nd)

American-Style Fruit Beer (70 entries): Out of Bounds Brewing (Strawberry Blonde Ale, 2nd)

Beer Aged in Barrels Formerly Containing Distilled Spirits (69 entries): Out of Bounds Brewing (Brandy Ba Regicide, 2nd)

American Wild Ale (57 entries): Mraz Brewing Co. (Fallen Angel, 1st), Crooked Lane Brewing Co. (Diablo’s Delight With Raspberry, 2nd)

Blonde or Golden Ale (52 entries): Claimstake Brewing Co. (Take You To the Magic Shop, 3rd)

American/International-Style Pilsner (47 entries): Auburn Alehouse (Gold Country Pilsner, 3rd)

Coffee Beer (32 entries): New Helvetia Brewing Co. (Mystery Airship 4.0 Temple Cascara Golden Ale, 2nd)

Trappist-Style Ale (29 entries): Tilted Mash Brewing (Belgian In a Strange Land, 3rd)

American Strong Ale (29 entries): Device Brewing Co. (Chairman’s Choice, 3rd)

American Porter & Stout (28 entries): Device Brewing Co. (Salted Caramel Porter, 3rd)

Kolsch (27 entries): Amador Brewing Co. (Unnamed, 1st)

Experimental Beer (26 entries): Moonraker Brewing Co. (Weird Boy, 2nd)

Session Beer (24 entries): Urban Roots Brewing (Bier de Roots, 2nd), Moonraker Brewing Co. (Head Change, 3rd)

British Mild & Bitters (22 entries): Heretic Brewing Co. (The Bitter Truth, 1st)

Classic Saison (21 entries): Urban Roots Brewing (Tomorrow’s Verse, 1st), Moksa Brewing Co. (Zesty Time, 2nd)

Standard British Ale (21 entries): Loomis Basin Brewing Co. (St. Patty’s Brown, 2nd)

American-Style Cream Ale (21 entries): Tilted Mash Brewing (Parental Responsibility Cream Ale, 2nd)

Dry Stout (18 entries): Ol’ Republic Brewery (Resolute, 1st)

Irish Red Ale (18 entries): Tilted Mash Brewing (Derrick the Red, 1st)

American Amber Ale (18 entries): Claimstake Brewing Co. (Kicked It, 2nd)

Pale European Beer (15 entries): Blue Note Brewing Co. (Heidi, 1st), Porchlight Brewing Co. (Gtfo, 2nd)

Belgian Strong Ale (15 entries): Heretic Brewing Co. (Torment, 2nd)

Belgian Sour Ale (14 entries): Mraz Brewing Co. (The Cardinal, 1st)

Belgian-Style Witbier (14 entries): The Monk’s Cellar (Biere Blanche, 2nd)

Bohemian-Style Pilsner (13 entries): Big Stump Brewing Co. (P & Q Pilsner, 2nd)

German/Vienna-Style Marzen (13 entries): Sudwerk Brewing Co. (Marzen Amber Lager, 1st), River City Brewing Co. (Vienna Amber Lager, 2nd)

Chocolate Beer (13 entries): Mraz Brewing Co. (Muddy Brew Buddies, 2nd)

Belgian-Style Lambic (12 entries): Mraz Brewing Co. (2016 Drinking With Friends, 2nd, and 2017 Drinking With Friends, 3rd)

Gose (12 entries): Big Stump Brewing Co. (Salted Thicket, 2nd)

Baltic-Style Porter (12 entries): Ol’ Republic Brewery (Heavy Fuel, 3rd)

American Brown Ale (11 entries): Mraz Brewing Co. (Unnamed, 2nd)

Berliner-Style Weisse (10 entries): Sudwerk Brewing Co. (Funhouse, 3rd)

Doppelbock (7 entries): Sudwerk Brewing Co. (Ultimate Doppel Bock, 3rd)

California Common (6 entries): Ol’ Republic Brewery (Frontier Amber, 1st)

German-Style Altbier (4 entries): Amador Brewing Co. (Unnamed, 1st)

See the full list of winners on California State Fair’s website.

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