You Can’t Fix EVERYTHING With Duct Tape…

This town has a damaged telephone pole, but it’s ok because someone wrapped duct tape around it to keep it secure.

By DAVID on April 26, 2018
(Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

Duct tape has been used to fix things for years, but this is a new one for us. To be honest, repairs to this magnitude probably happen more that I think. A damaged telephone pole was repaired with duct tape, and it’s literally starting to burst at the seam. Residents are worried, naturally, that it’s going to come down and hurt someone.

Oddly, nobody seems to know how the pole got damaged. We’re going to assume there was a car accident at some point, but the reporter wasn’t able to find out. Anyway, the story here is that the utility company apparently repaired the pole with duct tape. You know how when a pole splits, it splinters and pieces of it sort of stick out where it broke? “No problem, just wrap it in tape,” the company must have thought. In the video on the news site, you can see pieces of the pole clearly not being held together very tightly, and even see daylight through portions.

Local resident Ann Aston is concerned, saying “I am afraid that pole is going to go down on a car when you’re going by or lose electricity soon. I just think it’s dangerous.” Another resident, Carol King, says “we have people that ride bikes and motorcycle riders. Everyone wants to come through. It is beautiful and quiet, and we don’t need anyone getting hurt. It can come down at any time.” She continued, “It looks kind of funny. I mean, duct tape on a telephone pole and the pole is cracked, and we have had some major winds. That is going to come down and kill somebody.” Truly, yeah, it looks like it could fail and collapse at any time. See the video here, it’s a little funny, but really, it needs to get fixed correctly before it actually does hurt someone.

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