Car Thief Calls Police On Himself After Getting Stuck In Car

A car theft turned into a rescue operation after the thief got himself locked in the car and had to call the police on himself to get out.

By DAVID on December 27, 2018

This car thief has some time to think about what he did after getting arrested for doing it.

This guy was trying to steal a car when he ended up locked inside that car. There’s no word on why the car locked itself, but somehow the doors became locked and the guy couldn’t get out. Apparently he couldn’t steal the car either, since it never left where it was parked. The guy was trying to steal a car from a dealership, by the way. His age? 17. Fail all around, here. Finally giving up, he called the police to come and rescue him. Once he was out of the car, he was locked in a cell. At least there’s a little more room in a cell. The seat in the car was probably more comfortable, though.

The guy’s identity was never released, but the police do say they know him. He’s been involved in a few other crimes, and apparently has a decently-sized record for his age. Hopefully this is the last time he’ll break the law and get his life back on track. Here’s some more details on the thief fail.

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