Carly Pearce Cleaned Airbnbs Before Making It In Country Music

Carly Pearce opened up about the worst job she had before making it in country music: cleaning Airbnbs. She toughed it out in order to pursue her music dream, and it paid off in the best way possible.

By Admin on February 22, 2018
carly pearce
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum)

Carly Pearce revealed what the oddest job she had before she broke out as a country star: cleaning Airbnbs!

She told Fox News:

“I think the nastiest, worst job I ever had was cleaning Airbnbs. You’re cleaning toilets and cleaning bed sheets, and it’s not glamorous, but I did it… so that I could still pursue music and write songs and play gigs, but it was nasty!”

Despite times during her journey in which she felt fear, Carly always believed she was pushing in the right direction. Her grandparents, in particular, supported her dream. When they passed away, she got a butterfly and bird tattoos to honor them:

“All they wanted to do was to see my career take off. I wanted to take the Pearce name and keep it going and honor them. And they come and visit me, I know they do, they told me to watch for them. I see butterflies and red birds and red feathers in ways that I feel like are hard to even describe or explain. And if you look at my logo you see the feather in my name and that’s for them because I just want to always continue to have them around me.”

Carly’s debut single, “Every Little Thing,” propelled her into fame. She credits the success of other women in country as a gateway for hers, as well:

“I think something that’s so amazing about the women right now in country music is that we’re all in this sisterhood supporting each other.

“When we all succeed, we all win and we’re all such fans of each other… Kelsea [Ballerini] kicked down some doors for me, and Maren [Morris] kicked down some doors for me. I hope that I can kick down some doors for some other females. It really is a sisterhood.”

Carly Pearce is also going to be in Sacramento for KNCI’s Country in the Park on May 12. Tickets are on sale now! Click here to get more information.

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