Carly Pearce And Michael Ray, Country Music’s Newest Couple?

And then one random night at the Nashville Palace changed everything!

By kncipat on July 19, 2018
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Carly Pearce and Michael Ray have been playfully commenting on each other’s Instagram Posts over the last month.   Now it appears they are a thing.  Michael said a couple of things about their relationship in a recent Nashville interview.  He said his downtime is now better spent because there’s “another person in it.”  And, as reports, when asked about his dating life and Carly, Michael said, “She’s a great girl and I think that she’s an incredible person. Right now everything on both ends are about both our singles and both our music, and it’ll come out. She’s great, I’m a big fan. I’ll leave it at that.”    And Carly?   Two days ago she tweeted out a cryptic, “I’m just happy y’all.  That’s all.  Love you!”   And yesterday Carly tweeted this out:

Two talented, nice, and good people. Here’s hoping they last a long time!

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