More Carnage From Online Shopping: Brookstone Closing All Mall Stores

By kncitom on August 2, 2018

One of the best all-time shops to kill a few minutes in while you’re out shopping is soon to be no more…at least at a mall near you.

From Kombacha brewing jars and robotic snack trays to drones and massage chairs that seem to swallow you whole, Brookstone has long been a purveyor of all sorts of unique, ingenious and fun-but-often-completely-unnecessary gadgets and toys.

USA Today is reporting the company has filed for Chapter 11 and will close all remaining mall stores, which would include locations in Arden Fair and the Galleria at Roseville. The main reason is the same thing causing a lot of brick-and-mortar stores to close or scale back: online shopping.

USA Today says for now, Brookstone plans to keep operating it’s airport locations but, if a buyer isn’t eventually found, those may close as well.

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