Carrie’s Back For the CMAs But Brad Won’t Be

Instead she’ll be joined by two living country legends

By kncitom on August 19, 2019
(Photo by Jo Hale/Redferns)

Just announced this morning, one of your hosts for this year’s CMA awards will be Carrie Underwood again but Brad Paisley is out.

No reason has been given for why Brad isn’t returning, but it looks like he’s good with who will be taking his place: living country legends Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton…

It’ll be Underwood’s 12th time hosting the show. Parton hosted the show one other time, in 1988, and McEntire hosted 3 times in the early 90s (she has of course hosted the ACMs for several years).

All three women made the announcement on their social media accounts this morning, with Dolly saying 

Our guess is it’s one way Nashville is trying to address the lack of female artists in the genre. Even Underwood has spoken out about the issue, calling it “BS”. And while it’s certainly another step in the right direction, hopefully the industry realizes the problem won’t fully be resolved until there’s a much healthier ratio of female and male artists in the country top 40 on a consistent basis.

The CMAs will be November 13. The nominations will be announced August 28th.

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