Burger King Introduces $1 Crispy Tacos

Burger King is the last place I think of when tacos come to mind. But if their new $1 crispy tacos are anything like Jack in the Box’s, count me in. Yup. The King introduced tacos to the menu nationwide, according...

Man Finds Alien-Like Creature Hanging from the Ceiling

If you didn’t think aliens existed, then you might be a believer now! Just kidding, this is not an alien. Hari Toae spotted the creature hanging from a curtain rod by his ceiling in Bali Indonesia recently and was...

Jack In the Box Testing Tiny Tacos

When they raised the price of their tacos from 99 cents to $1.29, I decided that was too expensive for my taste and stopped buying so many. Just kidding, however these tiny tacos might replace my love for their normal...

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