Chase Bryant Apologizes For His Over-Inflated Ego

In a very transparent move, Chase Bryant wrote a message on Instagram apologizing for allowing his early success get to his head.

By Admin on March 7, 2018
chase bryant
(Photo by Timothy Norris/Getty Images)

Chase Bryant apologized on Instagram to his supporters for allowing his early success get to his head.

The 24-year-old posted a lengthy message admitting that he let his ego get the better of him. He wrote:

“In my early 20’s I had witnessed my first Top 10 single followed by a Top 5. By no means had I shattered records by a landslide, changed the world, or even changed as much as the street as I was living on. In my head I thought I did. I thought I had done something that was never supposed to happen to a guy like me. I let it all go to my head like I swore it never would.”

Chase found easy success at the beginning of his career. His debut single in 2014, “Take It on Back,” climbed to No. 9 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. His follow-up, “Little Bit of You,” did even better and landed at No. 4, reports Taste of Country.

When his singles after didn’t reach the same success, however, Chase realized that he wasn’t above the hard work. He’s now back in the studio with a humble heart.

You can read his full message below.

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