Chase Rice Is Speaking Out About Awkward ‘Bachelor’ Appearance Involving Ex

By Cody Briana on January 22, 2020
(Photo By: Leah Puttkammer / Getty Images for BBR Music Group)

Chase Rice is speaking out about that awkward moment in The Bachelor tease where Pilot Peter takes contestant Victoria Fuller on a one-on-one date that includes a concert from the country singer, only for Fuller to tell Weber that she and Rice previously dated. From the clip, you could tell all parties were uncomfortable.

“I don’t know exactly what happened or why it happened,” Rice said in a recent interview. “I wish it wouldn’t have happened, but I understand it from their side of it. They’ve got to make TV and that’s the reason I don’t like reality TV. It’s pretty surprising that they brought me into that and I don’t think it’s a coincidence, but it’s either the reality TV gods, just some crazy coincidence or some producer did a really good job. Either way, I think it’s pretty weird they pulled me into that.”

The episode airs Monday, January 27th.

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