Chili’s Debuts 1,650-Calorie Burger Loading With 4 Meats And More

By Cody Briana on April 17, 2018
(Photo By: Jesse Grant / Getty Images For Chili’s)

WHY? Why would anyone need this? I mean, I know the truth. No one needs it but wanting to TRY it is another story! Chili’s debuted a massive 1,650-calorie burger called the “Boss Burger” that’s loaded with 4 different meats, People reports. I want to put on sweatpants just writing this.

Could you handle brisket, pulled ribs, jalapeño sausage, and bacon in between 2 buns? Not to mention, the bottom bun is smothered in BBQ sauce and ranch, and then topped with lettuce, tomato, a beef patty and cheddar cheese. I can’t breathe, but I’m also salivating.

The Boss Burger is only available on a test menu in certain cities and was recently tested in Dallas as part of the Chili’s Underground phase. If the burger passes the testing phase, the restaurant plans to roll it out on menus nationwide, a representative for Chili’s said. Would you give it a go?

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