Chris Janson Performs ‘Drunk Girl’ On Today Show [VIDEO]

Chris Janson performs his hit song ‘Drunk Girl’ on the Today Show. Watch him play the song on a grand piano in front of the studio audience.

By Admin on January 5, 2018
chris janson
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for ACM)

Chris Janson visited the Today Show on Jan. 5 to perform his hit song, “Drunk Girl.” The song has garnered attention for its message of personal integrity.

The song is the second single from his album, EverybodyJanson, Tom Douglas and Scooter Carusoe wrote the song together. He told Nash Country Daily:

“Both of my co-writers are legendary. They certainly didn’t need me in the room. I can tell you that ‘Drunk Girl’ basically wrote itself. We were just stewards of the ship. And I say that in regard to, sometimes songs happen like that. You can’t really twist and turn ’em. If you try, you mess ’em up. If you let them lead, they lead. We wrote ‘Drunk Girl’ from a father’s perspective. We are all dads. I would hope after hearing the lyrics, if my daughter was in that situation, I hope someone would take care of her. Being a husband, being a dad of girls, I have such a great respect for women in general. I think this song needed to be said.”

Click here to watch Janson’s performance.

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