Chris Janson’s Guitar Stolen From Him After Opry Show

Chris Janson shared on social media, the unfortunate news that his guitar had been stolen from his car after one of his Opry shows.

By NathanG on January 4, 2019
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for Musicians On Call)

Country music star Chris Janson shared the unfortunate news that his guitar was stolen from him after one of his holdiay Opry shows.

According to The Boot, Janson shared in an Instagram post that thieves stole the guitar straight from his car, after one of the Opry shows. Janson performed on both December 14, and December 22, 2018.

In the social media post, Janson reached out to his followers, encouraging anyone with information to contact him. “If ANYone sees or hears about it, please notify local PD and ME! Thanks y’all.” He went on to appeal to the thieves themselves, if they happened to see the post themselves. Janson shared that, in the spirit of the holidays, he would be willing to forgive and forget the crime if the thieves came forward and returned his belongings.

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Despite this negative experience, Chris Janson had an impressive year in 2018. In addition to releasing the hit song, ‘Drunk Girl”, Janson was inducted in the Grand Ole Oprey. Janson was invited by fellow country star, Keith Urban, and inducted by Garth Brooks on March 20.

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