Chris Young Leaves Huge Tip, Challenges Other Country Artists To Do The Same

Just one of many reasons we’re glad to have him headlining Country in the Park 2020

By kncitom on December 30, 2019
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Academy of Country Music)

Chris Young, man. Far as I’m concerned, he’s the most under-rated country artist of the last decade, racking up 18 number one songs since releasing his Man I Wanna Be album in 2009. Yet for all that success, he’s garnered only a handful of major award nominations and won even fewer. But no matter, he just keeps plugging along, releasing consistently great music and generally just being an awesome dude (which we’ll get to in a minute). So we’re stoked to have him as one of our two headliners (along with CITP vet Billy Currington) for Country in the Park 2020-it’ll be his first appearance in Sacramento since he opened for Brad Paisley a few years back and before that…was it Golf and Guitars 2011 the last time he was here?? He doesn’t get out this way often, you guys.

But another reason we’re stoked? Chris seems like a genuinely good-hearted guy. He’s got family in the military, so he’s a regular USO performer for our soldiers deployed abroad. He’s donated thousands of dollars over his career to military personnel and their families and also to another cause close to his heart (and ours), St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

And the day after Christmas, he gave away a little more.

Yep. He included a 100% tip on a restaurant bill of $187.00. As former air conditioning installer, Chris knows a thing or two about hard work, so it’s cool (no pun intended) to see him support other hard-working people now that he’s in a position to do so.  The #100PercentTipChallenge isn’t his creation; it’s been around in various forms (including the #TipTheBillChallenge) on social media for at least a year. But we love that he’s happy to keep it going and maybe even help it go viral again at a time of year when there are a lot of people who could use the boost. 

No word yet from either artist he challenged directly. Brad Paisley has been off social media for awhile and Chase Rice, well, he looks like he’s enjoying his time off too. 

But you gotta figure both of them will rise to the challenge, and probably others, too. Pat and I plan to. We can’t do $187, but we can double a purchase at Dutch Bros or Beach Hut. Every little bit helps, and it’s all part of Being The Good.

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