Christmas Tree Prices Are Up This Year Due To A Shortage

By Admin on November 27, 2018
Christmas Tree Shortage
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

If you’ve already purchased your Christmas tree, you might have noticed this. If not, you have something to (not) look forward to. But, it looks like the increase is mostly on Noble Fir trees.

Ted Seifert is the co-owner of Silveyville Christmas Tree and Pumpkin Farm in Dixon. He told CBS 13, “millions of trees were not planted back in 2011,’12,’13.” Because of the shortage, which Seifert said is coming in from Oregon, prices will go up for the next few years. 

Now, when it’s all said it done, you’ll probably pay about $7 for your Christmas tree. You could always go with something not a Noble Fir or even a fake tree. 

Apparently the Oregon growers did start to replant. So that increase should round out in about five years. And if you get a fake tree, it could last until then and wayyyy after.

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