City Bans Dogs Outside During Daylight Hours

Some new rules in this city actually ban dogs from being outside during the day, and pretty much ban them from public totally.

By DAVID on November 6, 2018
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

It doesn’t just stop at daylight hours though – dogs are banned entirely from parks and sports complexes. Basically, they’re not allowed to be outside at all during the day.

It’s happening in Wenshan, which is in southwest China. There have always been restrictions on owning dogs there. They say that dogs are responsible for 2,000 deaths per year due to the spread of rabies. The new rules are being called the most restrictive ever though. A lot of other cities around CHina also have rules, but they’re less restrictive. They mostly focus on what size and breed you can have inside of a city – things like that.

The new rules that have already gone into place are very specific though. Dogs aren’t allowed outside during daylight hours. So from 7am to 10pm, your dog can’t be outside, at all. Not at all in-between, though we’re going to assume having them outside in your back yard or something like that is fine. But then again, who knows on that one. Dog leashes can’t be longer than three-feet. Dogs can only be walked by adults, not at all by children or teens. Does your community have any rules on dogs? Leash laws of course, but down to specific hours for dog-walking? See some more info over here.

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