Claire’s Issues Major Recall After Asbestos Found In Makeup

Claire’s has issued a massive recall after several of their makeup kits in multiple states tested positive for tremolite asbestos

By austind03 on December 28, 2017
(Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for Maybelline New York )

Claire’s is issuing a major recall of some of their makeup due to asbestos…

According to TIME, a Rhode Island mother tested one of their makeup kits after finding some suspicious ingredients. To her horror, the makeup tested positive for tremolite asbestos…

For those who don’t know, there are links between asbestos and several forms of cancer, most commonly mesothelioma.

Luckily, the mom works at a law firm specializing in asbestos litigation, and she began working with her boss to test Claire’s products in nine other states for it. Unfortunately, each test was positive…

As a result, the company is now recalling many products while it conducts a safety investigation. In addition to the glitter makeup kits, an eye shadow and lip gloss palette and a glitter cell phone makeup compact face recall as well. Claire’s is also providing refunds for all customers.

While there have been no reports of illness yet, we will have to wait and see what happens going forward.

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Head right here to learn more. Also, check out the full list of products that could be affected right here.

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