Coach Jim Harbaugh Thinks You Shouldn’t Eat Chicken and His Reason is So…Jim Harbaugh

By kncitom on July 31, 2018

Former Forty-niner coach Jim Harbaugh, who is now head football coach of the Michigan Wolverines, is definitely one of the most…interesting…characters in sports, and this story will do nothing to convince you otherwise.

Bleacher Report has a story from former Michigan quarterback Milton Speight, who said Harbaugh called him into his office one time to talk nutrition and warned him away from eating chicken.

Speight asked why and Harbaugh replied that chickens are a “nervous bird”.

Apparently, Harbaugh has a strong belief that people take on the characteristics of the meat they eat, and those who eat chicken will be more nervous and unsettled than those who eat Pork or Beef.

Speight said he chalked up the comment to being, as he put it, “part of the Harbaugh experience”. One thing’s for sure, the coach’s comments should make for some epic signage at Michigan’s away games this year.

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