Cody’s Boyfriend Survival Guide To Thanksgiving

Did your girlfriend invite you to her family’s Thanksgiving for the 1st time? Breathe. Here’s what you need to do…

By Cody Briana on November 21, 2017
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Did your girlfriend invite you to her family’s Thanksgiving for the 1st time? Breathe. Chances are you’ve already met her parents. That’s the most nerve-wrecking part. If you haven’t, good luck.

Just kidding. There’s still hope for you, but you need to follow some rules. That way, if they don’t like you, for whatever reason, you can tell yourself you did your best. And find a new girlfriend.

Let’s get to it!

1. Dress Nice. Obviously. Unless she instructs you differently. Some families are more low key. If you’re unsure, just dress nice. Sweater or button up, slacks or khakis, and dress shoes. Make sure your outfit is ironed! You don’t have to be perfect, but try.

2. Bring a gift. Whether it’s wine, flowers, a side dish, dessert, whatever. Ask your girlfriend for suggestions before-hand.

3. You only get to watch football if it’s already on. Asking may be rude. All families are different, and some prefer quality talk time. (Which, yes, is weird. But it’s just a few hours.) Make it seem like you’re interested in getting to know them. You’ll be talking about yourself more than anything, so relax.

4. If it’s on, don’t spend all your time glued to the TV. Make your rounds.

5. Don’t eat like you would at your family’s house. Slow down. Only get seconds if and when others are.

6. Avoid politics. Actually, make that all uncomfortable, taboo topics. You don’t owe anyone answers on your sex life.

7. Offer to clean up. Whether it’s your family or girlfriend’s house, you should be doing this. Chances are they’ll tell you they don’t need help. Offer once more. If they refuse, enjoy your pie.

8. Be there for your girlfriend. She might be 2x more miserable than you being around her family. Your job is to keep her happy above all else. If you have a clear exit at the right time, go for it. Take her lead!

9. TRY to have fun. Entertain the kids. Talk to her cool uncle. Find some common ground with someone. You don’t need to give everyone equal time but just enough for them to remember who you are.

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