Cody’s Red Flag Warnings

By austind03 on March 8, 2022

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Kelly went out with a guy that seemed nice owned a construction company, house. He seemed responsible. All that changed when they met in person.


Mickey decided to go to dinner with this guy. They met at the restaurant and while she was waiting, she noticed that he came walking down the hill and it seemed like he came out of the woods. The date was awkward, and you’ll never guess how it ended! 


Lois matched with a guy and decided to go on a picnic date with him. Instead of bringing the food like they agreed, he instead brought a very aggressive dog…


Hannah went on a date with a guy. They met up at Chevy’s and right after they ordered starters, a girl walked in, yelled at him, and threw a drink on his head!


Kenny went on date with a girl. They went to a Sacramento River Cats baseball game where he they ran into her ex, and you’ll never guess who it was! 


Hailey was dating someone at work and had to keep it a secret. When the new Head of Human Resources was hired, things got a little messy…


Karen went on a group date with a guy she met online, who didn’t even acknowledge or speak to her throughout the entire date! Find out what happened when he reached out two weeks later!


Laura went on a first date with a guy she met on a dating app. Her date kept downing his drinks and repeatedly got up to use the restroom. Everytime he did, the guy next to her would hit on her too! Listen to find out if either of these guys was good enough for her.


Payton was asked out on a date by her work crush. He wanted to take her furniture shopping for his new house and then out to dinner as a thank you. Find out how the date went and where he took her to dinner…


Olivia was set up on a blind date by a friend from church. Both Olivia and the guy agreed to bring friends and make it a double blind date, but he showed up alone and way too confident. Find out how the date went and the crazy thing he said afterwards!


Leah went out on a first date with a guy, who was 20 minutes late, to BJ’s. The guy was a super messy eater, but he wasn’t going to waste any of it. You’ll never guess what he did!


Malia, a senior in high school, got picked up for a date. He took her to the house he was dog sitting for and was not very talkative. Two hours went by and all they did was stare at the dog. When he dropped her off, he stopped two houses down from her house and you won’t believe what he said next!


Nathan connects with a girl, and they decide to go on a first date to a King’s game. Unfortunately, she was more interested in someone else than the date itself. 


Jade went on a date with a guy. They were talking and getting to know each other when he had to use the restroom. A couple of minutes go by until she realizes that he left her with a $93 bill!


Evan went on a first date that just kept going downhill. She brought her mother, aunt, and daughter to dinner. You’ll never believe what happened next!


Madison reconnected with a guy from high school. He picked her up in his motorcycle and they went for a ride. They pulled up to a shed behind his house and she thought he was going to store his motorcycle in the shed. She was wrong…


Shannon met a guy for dinner who would not stop complaining about his life throughout the entire date! You’ll never guess how she put an end to the negative enegry!


Tim went on what he thought was a first date. They spent the entire day together, went for a walk in the park, and ended up at a frozen yogurt spot. When they sat down to chat, you’ll never believe what she said! 


It’s the first Red Flag Warning of 2024, and Carly wants to share her bad date story. She was asked on a date, and he offered to pick her up. When he arrived, he scraped his car on her driveway, and you will not believe what happened next!


Kathy went out to dinner with a guy who wasn’t dressed for the occasion. At the end of the dinner, when the bill arrived, he said he “forgot” his wallet and needs help getting his car out of the garage…


Moroney went on a date set up by her mom! Not only was he 45 minutes late, but he also took her to an arcade where he ignored her the rest of the night!


Kristine met this guy online and they decided to go on a movie date. They got their popcorn and make their way to their seats. Listen to find out what he does next!


Dana met this guy online who was not only late to pick her up, but also did not take her home when she said she wasn’t feeling good!


Kirsty went on a date with a guy that reeked of cigarettes. Then, as they were having appetizers, he asks her if she’s cool with rats because when it gets dark, they tend to run around the patio! 


David goes on a date with a girl who is clearly not over her ex…


Brittany met this guy for a coffee date and 15 minutes into the date, he was extremely honest and overshared some details…


Be careful who you go on a date with! Brandy gets asked on a water ski date, and then gets stuck on the lake for over 2 hours! Find out what happens 25 years later…


Brandy went on a weird first date. First, he yelled at the waiter that he was ready to order. Then, he started petting her hair while telling her that he was going to marry her… Listen to find out what she did next! 


Kimberly went on a date with a guy with a guy that bought himself a ticket, popcorn, and a soda without asking her if she wanted anything. After the movie, he walks in front of her and doesn’t open her door!


David went on a date with a girl who just wanted to make her ex jealous…


Have you ever gone on a double date? What about a double date as a first date? Listen to Taryn’s experience! 


Rachel went on a date with a guy who asked if she wanted to play tennis and she turned out to be pretty good! Then, it all started to go downhill when his mom called…


Annie arrived early for a breakfast date that was full of RED FLAGS! Listen to find out why she will not be seeing him ever again! 


Do you think it’s easier to date in different states? Lauren lived in Idaho when she went on a date with a guy who wasn’t her type, but she took a chance. She told him to share something interesting, and you won’t believe what he said next!  


Connie was getting ready for prom and found out where her date was getting her flowers from. You’ll never guess! Listen to find out! 


This first date was so awkward! John took his date to dinner, and everything would’ve been fine if he hadn’t got bread stuck in his throat and accidentally spit his drink in her face trying to clear it!


Would you ever date a customer at your place of work? Addie was working at The Home Depot when a customer asked her out. They went on a movie date. The next day, his wife shows up!  


Sheryl went on a first date with a guy who was 15 minutes late right off the bat! As they were getting to know each other, she gets the impression that he is high maintenance! While everything seemed to be going well, he suddenly had to cut the date short…


How much do you read up on a person before going on a date with them? Katie went on a date with a guy she met online. They had a good time and dated for a little while longer until she found out that he was married…


Kirsty went on a date with a guy that is all sorts of strange! First, he had the wildest idea for an occupation. Then, kissed her in front of her aunt and asked if he could spend the night at the aunt’s house! 


Connor was an hour and a half late for a date because he was watching a Kings game that had gone into overtime! Listen to find out what happened 7 years later! 


Allison went on a date with a guy who was 45 minutes late and only talked about himself, his new truck, and his new recliner…


Sean went on a date that was immediately over as soon as the food arrived because she chewed with her mouth open! 


What’s the most awkward thing you’ve heard on a first date? Brittany met this guy on Hinge, and he said, “you kind of remind me of the middle seat of an airplane.”


18-year-old Kayla is set up on a date by her grandmother. The guy takes her to a restaurant where he not only orders for her, but orders items that she doesn’t like. He then takes her to a Nickelcade, hands her 3 rolls of nickels, hops on a on a one-person motorcycle game, and doesn’t talk to her for the rest of the date…


Analise met a guy on a dating app who instead of picking a restaurant in the city, gets on the highway and drives to a Chili’s one hour away! He then proceeds to spend most of the date talking about how he wanted to marry his ex-girlfriend, but she cheated on him. Find out if there was a second date! 


Margarita from Rancho Murietta went on a date with a guy and immediately started noticing red flags! He had lied about his name, then ghosted her after making plans to go to Napa. A month later, they go a second date, and you won’t believe what he steals from her! 


Karina met this guy from Texas on Facebook who had traveled to Grass Valley to visit her. While she was at work, she received a message his girlfriend who was pregnant! Not only that, but he also had a warrant for his arrest in Texas! Listen to see how many Red Flags this guy gets! 


Shannon meets a guy on On their first date, they go to Chicago Pizza and everything was going well until she goes to the bathroom…


Shaunie was dating this really nice successful guy who had his life together. He carried himself very well, nice house, and nice car. The only downside was that he was WAY too into her! 


Kyle gets ready to go on a first date at California Pizza Kitchen. He texts her that he is on the way, but she doesn’t reply. He then proceeds to wait for 25 minutes until realizing that he is getting stood up! 


Ever have a friend set you up on a date? When your date shows up in basketball shorts, mismatched socks, slides, forgets his wallet, then tells you that he lives in his van, the chances of you letting it happen again, are slim to none!    


Nikki, 19, goes on a date with a guy who at the end drops her off at the wrong house, then admits to something outrageous!


Tom’s sister, Kathy releases some of the pressure and her date is cut short…


Tara goes on a first date and pays for her half of the bill…


First date is going well, until she took her shoes off….


First date is underway when this guy was hit with a lot of, ummm, intestinal distress. 


First date with this lady, they go to dinner and she immediately starts chewing with her mouth wide open. Sean didn’t like that one bit…..told her, and exited!


Have YOU ever been the bad date? That’s what we asked today and Cindy says, yes! She was dating this guy but really wanted to date his friend. While she didn’t handle it well she was successful (at least for a short while). What ever happened to the guy code, or women’s code .. friends not dating or going out with another friend’s gf or bf?? Apparently, that went right out the window.



Taryn met a guy through her girlfriend and decided a double date to the movies sounded good. That was until they had car problems….as in big car problems. The guys were not, let’s say, as attentive as they should have been. Taryn and her friend had to literally save themselves.


Faith met a guy online and they decided to go out to dinner. All was going well until this dude said something and then began doodling with a crayon. The killer on this is when she went to tell her best friend about it.



John was on a first date in San Francisco. The plan was dinner and a show. She gets up and leaves in the middle of dinner, and he has to go running after her. What was the problem? And why (when they finally got to the theater) the date absolutely fell apart.


Zina met a guy on Bumble that was into hiking (shocker). She thought it was going to be a casual and quick get-to-know each other hike. Nope! As if descending a 4 mile hike on a 2 foot wide path in the dark wasn’t enough, Zina had an even bigger obstacle to overcome (anybody who’s ever ripped their pants in public will love this story).


Katie went on a first date with a guy her friends introduced her to. It was a dinner date. He showed up in sloppy sweatpants and a wrinkled t-shirt. The date was so bad that Katie wanted to leave halfway through dinner, but she figured this can’t get any worse, can it? She was wrong… very wrong.


Jada went out on a first date and things we’re going well until it came time to pay for dinner. What kind of guy doesn’t even to offer half? And here’s poor Jada a starving college student with not a lot of money. But wait, he got even cheaper when he asked Jada to buy him something. What was it?



One thing you probably don’t expect on a first date is to spend the majority of it with not only the person you asked out but also her ex. As awkward as that was it did lead to a second date…that ended up being twice as awkward as the first date. 


Jessica met an “older man” at Mix Downtown. They hit it off, dated a few weeks, until one night at the very same Mix Downtown…



Nathan went out on a first date with a woman he met while wine tasting. It was going really well, especially when he asked her what kind of music she liked and she said, “Country!” But things took an unexpected turn that somehow involved Nathan’s sister and Cody (yes, our own Cody).


Carrie went on a first date which included three outdoor activities, and each one got worse… But not as bad as the ride home.



Have you ever had a break down on a first date? Did you start crying? Well, Brooke did. Not only was it beyond awkward, the guy actually thought the date went well. But that’s not even the kicker. A few days later, Brooke found out that this guy was her third cousin… ew!


Brittany was on a first date with a guy she met online. He asked if she could drive, so she went over to his house to pick him up. Turns out the guy, who was in his early 30’s, failed to mention he lived with his mom. It also turns out his mom was supper nosey and asked a bunch of inappropriate first date questions. How did Brittany handle it?



You know what can really kill the vibe on a first date? When the guys’ wife shows up. That happened to Paula. She kept her cool up to a point, and then…


James was on a first date with a lady he says was a solid 8. But she went from an 8 to a 3… maybe even a 2 (James’ words). Getting falling down drunk was just part of it. Her two questions to James as he dropped her off were completely out of line and left James wondering if he’d be followed on the way home. What was it she asked?


Alexx met a girl online! They talked for a while and decided to meet in person, but their first date got tripped up by a wardrobe malfunction and an animal…



Carly had a very bizarre first date. The conversation centered around an ex… She wanted to bail, but the exits were blocked. Then… it got weird!


Brandy went on a first date to San Francisco. She wasn’t really familiar with the city, parked where she shouldn’t have and things got worse when her date ditched her. But, does this date have a happy ending?


Ashley was on a first date with this guy when there was a total meltdown at the restaurant. Nothing like finding out how a potential partner reacts in a crisis situation… Was he helpful? Did he do the right thing? Are they still dating or maybe even married now?


Max was really excited to go on a first date with his hot manager (who was 15 years older than him). Sometimes excitement can manifest itself in different ways… like nerves so bad that you actually get sick?! That’s what happened to Max, and HE ended up being the bad date. However, the ending is something none of us saw coming.


Lisa’s first date with this guy sounds like it came right out of a cheap horror movie. You know, the kind of horror movie where you’re yelling at the screen, “NOOOO, don’t go in the garage!” Fortunately, she managed to escape, but not before two very close calls…


There was dinner, then a trip to an Audi dealership to try to talk Sierra into buying a new car… and then a very silent ride home. BUT, that’s not where this date ends. It gets worse.


Jessie’s date first date started out in a very cool, very sweet way. But something happened towards the end of the date that turned Jessie’s attention and focus elsewhere. How offended was Jessie’s date when the night was over? Did she ever speak to him again?


Rachel had a bad first day. Really bad. Her date gets WAY too drunk, but the twists just keep coming…


Maddie had a bad first date. In fact, he stood her up. He texted her to say he was sorry and asked her out again, and (against her better judgement) Maddie said yes. She should have emphatically said no.


Ever been dating somebody for a couple of months, think it’s going well and actually you couldn’t be more wrong? That happened to Kash.


Katy was on a second date with a guy, and he decided to take her out on his new boat. The first hour went okay, and then it was anything but smooth sailing (yes, that cheesy line is on purpose).


Aleshia went out on a first date with a guy who turned out to be a strange eater. And, as it turns out, that was for a very good reason. Or, at least for a reason.


Amy got hit up for a first date with a guy she went to high school with. She knew him fairly well (or at least thought she did). He was a little more forward than the other dates she’d had… make that A LOT more forward. And wait ’til you hear how he was dressed.


Megan went on a first date with a guy she was initially really attracted to. And then he opened his mouth. Not too much went right after that. But the really surprising thing is what he did for a living.


Jodi had been dating this guy for a couple of months, and he stopped over at what proved to be a inconvenient time. Not inconvenient for Jodi, but very inconvenient for her mother.


Brian was on a first date that went a little sideways when she would… not… get… off… her… phone. He was not pleased but thought it still might work out. He may have thought wrong.



Nicole had a pretty miserable first date. The guy was totally non-attentive and then thought the date went really well. How well? He’s was already naming their children. And, just when Nicole thought she got rid of him, she didn’t.


Colby’s first date with this guy was absolutely bizarre and random. He took her to a turkey farm in Lincoln to shovel manure into the back of his truck! And she was all dressed up… The end of the date is something none of us saw coming.


Jackson had been dating this woman for a couple of months and then, but he probably shouldn’t have shown up at her house unannounced.


Mark went on an unusual first date. I mean, it’s not often that someone brings their ex on a first date. BUT, they kept seeing each other and the twist at the end is the stuff movies are made of.


Morgan went on a first date with a guy who was staying (for the weekend) right next door to her. On the date, he would not shut up about himself and what a nice guy he was. That lead to many uncomfortable moments… and a not so nice ending.


Kimberly met a guy online, they decide to have dinner which turned out to be a kind of tough for him because he had No Teeth (something he failed to prepare her for ahead of time). That’s just the beginning of where this date starts to go bad…


Lionel had two dates in one night and got busted, but it isn’t so much that he got busted… it’s HOW he got busted.


Michelle had a pretty odd date. It started well but ended so badly that she ghosted the guy while he was still sitting at the restaurant. #MayTheForceBeWithYou


Gabby’s friends talked her into going on a blind date. She was already super nervous (who wouldn’t be), and then her heart sank when her date walked in…


JOE’S first date did not go well. It’s too bad because JOE really thought they’d be a good fit, but this woman clearly still had issues with her ex…


Haley was on a second date with a guy at a BBQ and found out something about him that ended the date right then and there.


Rebecca was on a first date, and the conversation turned to what he did for a living. Based on his answer, the date wrapped up about 2 mins later.


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