College Graduate Poses With Alligator For Graduation Photos [PICS]

A graduating college student got a little daring with her graduation photos, which included Tex, the 13-foot alligator.

By DAVID on August 7, 2018
(Photo by Tyler Lecka/Getty Images)

Graduation photos are coming. Whether it’s high school, college, middle school, there are pictures to mark milestones. This college student is graduating this week, and her photos are a little more unique than mine were.

Makenzie Noland is a college student in Texas. They do things big in Texas, and Makenzie is no different. For her graduation pictures, she posed with a good friend of hers. No, it’s not a friend she grew up with or went to school with (well, sort of), it’s an alligator. Tex, the 13-foot ‘gator. Makenzie is a wildlife ecology major, and spent time volunteering at Gator Country, which is a sanctuary for alligators.

Makenzie says that Tex actually will respond when she says his name, and follows hand signals. I can’t even get my dog to fetch the toy I threw under the couch last month. When asked if she was ever scared getting into the water, she said of course not. “I get in the water with that animal every day – he’s one of my best friends there!” Hey, I posed with a barn and an old pickup truck, but if you want to pose with a 13-foot gator, go right ahead. Check out Makenzie’s story over here.

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