Couple Drives From Colorado To Adopt Pair Of Dogs From Sacramento Shelter

By Admin on December 27, 2017

Two pups at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter had a way better Christmas vacation than any of us. They got to go on a road trip from the Sacramento shelter to their forever home!

I volunteer at the shelter, and Roxy and Chucky stole my heart every time I saw them. They are perfect, adorable and so in love with each other.

If I didn’t have two dogs, I would have swept them up in a second. Thankfully a couple from Colorado fell in love with the pair on Facebook and made the move to swoop them up.
Zach and Sophia drove 24 hours to pick up their new family members and arrived in town yesterday.


Delyse Gannaway who runs PB SOC at the Sacramento shelter told the Sacramento Bee, “They kept saying ‘We can’t believe no one wanted them. They’re so beautiful.’”

I am thrilled for the humans a pups in this story. But, the shelter is still full!

Adopt A Pet From A Sacramento Shelter

2018 is just around the corner, which means it’s time to bring your new best friend home.

Additionally, many of the animals at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter have been sponsored. So, you could take your new friend home for free!

If you’re ready to adopt, just go here and see the animals available. There are a lot of bigger dogs who need homes, but there are also small dogs, cats and even bunnies.

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