Corn Dog Pickles Are Here And I Want One

So, someone got the bright idea to stuff a pickle with a hot dog, fry it like a corn dog – they’re making money off of it, and I totally want one.

By DAVID on November 15, 2018
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Very few new treats that get announced online as a new fad grab my attention. This did, oh boy did this grab my attention.

Pickle corn dogs. It’s like a regular corn dog, but there’s pickle in it too. So to say it as quickly as possible, they take a full pickle, and core the center. Into that hole goes the full hot dog, and then a stick. It’s fried the same way as regular corn dogs, and hey boom presto, a pickle corn dog. They’re being called “Dilly Dogs,” and they appear to come from a place called “The Giant Corn Dog Factory” in Massachusetts.

There’s just something about this whole thing that sounds so delicious. What other corn dog plus *things* have you tried? Are you interested in trying to find one of these pickle ones around town somewhere? See some more info here.

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