Country in the Park 2 Will Feature Extra Security

Your safety is top concern for Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department

By kncitom on August 16, 2019

In light of recent incidences, we’ve had questions about security from several listeners planning to attend Country in the Park 2 on Saturday. To address these concerns, we spoke this morning with Deputy Kevin Givens, of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department.

We’ve beefed up security to make sure we have high visibility patrols inside and outside the concert to keep everybody safe.” He told us on Friday morning. 

There will not only be more security during the show, you’ll see it from the moment you enter Fair Oaks Community Park, at the main entrance, where there will be an enhanced law enforcement presence.

We felt it important for people to see that, so they can feel safe and enjoy themselves.” Deputy Givens said. 

Deputy Givens also says that anyone who sees something that doesn’t look right to not be shy about reaching out to either security or KNCI personnel.

We encourage people to come forward and let us deal with those kinds of issues and assess whether somebody’s a problem or a threat or anything like that.” He added that they rely on people to come forward, which makes sense because even with a heightened presence, they can’t be everywhere all at once. 

If you’d like to hear the whole brief interview, just click below. And let’s all have a great, SAFE time on Saturday!! 





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