Couple Arrested After Shooting At Lightning Bugs

A couple was arrested after a long story that involves bath salts, a gun, aliens, and those light-up bugs that make terrible targets.

By DAVID on July 5, 2018
(Photo by Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images)

This is a “duh” moment, but it’ll make sense after I present all the facts of the situation.

Fun Fact 1: Lightning bugs (also known as “fireflies”) are NOT aliens.
Fact 2: It’s very difficult to fire a bullet at a lightning bug (or other insect) and actually make contact.
Fact 3: It’s very likely illegal to fire a gun into the air anyway.
Obvious Fact 4: It’s an especially stupid idea to do it when you’re high on bath salts.

Don’t do drugs, kids. This couple was arrested for shooting at fireflies near where they live. The two were seen firing into the sky, and then running to a neighbor’s house. Once at the neighbor’s place (and after breaking in through a window), the man asked if he could take a shower. Why he needed a shower was because of the “goo” that was on his skin; he says it was burning him. Yes, he and the woman believed that the lightning bugs were actually alien lasers, according to the story. The aliens were following them and firing lasers at them.

The neighbor called police after taking his gun. No word on if he actually got that shower, but I imagine it would have been a good way to make sure the police had plenty of time to arrive. The two were arrested, charged with a full list of crimes including criminal trespassing, DUI, burglary, public drunkenness, etc. Check out some more on the story here. Oh, and as a bonus, here’s a random video of a frog that just ate a lightning bug.

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