Criminal Trio Busted After Crashing Remote Controlled Drone With Drugs Into Prison

These guys got caught flying and crashing a drone loaded with drugs into a prison – but they only got caught because they accidentally recorded the whole thing on the drone’s camera.

By DAVID on October 3, 2018
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Gone are the days of the classic crime-thriller mastermind criminals. Here to stay are the idiots who do stupid things to get themselves caught. Take this trio for example – they wanted to fly drugs into a prison using a drone. But they accidentally filmed themselves the whole time. They also crashed the drone on the prison property.

Ok, so there are three guys, two of which were identified. Paul Reilly and Michael Martin are the two, and Michael’s brother was already in jail on other drug charges – he’s the one they were trying to fly drugs to. Ok, now that you’re familiar with that. The guys founda drone, and thought that it would be a great way to get drugs into the prison for the brother. Paul was the one who was placing the drugs into – get this – easter eggs. We know this because he was caught on the drone’s camera doing it.

See, while they were playing around with their new drone, they accidentally activated its camera. The drone recorded about 18 minutes of the three guys stuffing drugs into easter eggs. They guys also caught their own walk towards the prison, as well as the house number they came out of, and a car that was outside. They flew the drone onto the property, crashing into the wall above the brother’s jail cell window. Side note – they still have windows in these cells? Wow. Anyway, a prison guard heard the noise, and went out to investigate. He found the drone and the camera. Police watched the video, and connected the dots pretty quickly.

They checked the brother’s known address, and it was the same as the one on the side of the house in the video. They secured a warrant, and went to get the guys. The two were caught, and charged with supplying drugs, as well as some aviation crimes including flying a drone in restricted airspace. D’oh! The third guy is apparently still at-large.

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