Danielle Bradbery Says Sudden ‘Voice’ Fame Forced Her To Grow Up Fast

Danielle Bradbery opened up about how she feels that her ‘Voice’ exposure sped up her adolescent years. ‘I wasn’t living the normal 16-year-old life.’

By Admin on February 2, 2018
danielle bradbery
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Danielle Bradbery won The Voice in 2013 when she was only 16. The sudden recognition propelled her into fame and adulthood.

She told the Boot:

“Being in the music industry, personally, just with everything that I’ve been able to experience, and being on The Voice at such a young age, you have to be a little bit more mature, just to tame yourself. You’re out there in front of everybody, and you have to not be crazy and not be immature. You have to have this certain personality.

While her friends were still in school, enjoying the carefree nature of being a teen, she was focusing her career:

“For somebody young, you have to grow up, like, two years older than what you are. I feel like, as years went on, I naturally feel older than I actually am. So, in my situation … I wasn’t living the normal 16-year-old life.”

During the four years between her first and second albums, Danielle said she was constantly learning:

“There was a lot that I had to work on and figure out: just, being onstage and learning how to carry myself. Danielle Bradbery as an artist — I wanted to know exactly who that was and what that was going to look like. So getting to tour with people like Thomas Rhett and Brett Eldredge – they’re some of the biggest stars out there. They know exactly what they’re going out there and doing. Every time I watched them perform, it’s like, ‘Wow.’ I’m taking a lot of mental notes. Because they go out there, and they’re some of the best entertainers out there.

“And so, it’s things like that. Just taking a lot of mental notes, hearing what they have to say about a lot of things, and then them telling me to just be myself and have fun. So, it’s a little bit of everything.”

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