Darryl Worley Working On Two New Projects

Worley confirmed two new albums are on the way.

By kmvq on November 16, 2017
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

It’s been a while since Darryl Worley has released new music. His last album was out back in 2009. He announced that two new albums are currently in the works.

He told the Boot:

“We have a greatest hits project that we’re practically finished with. We wanted to put 15 tracks on it, because our plan was to get it out this year, which would be the 15th anniversary of my first No. 1 single, [‘I Miss My Friend’].

“It has eight of the old hit songs and seven brand-new songs. And, honestly, it’s some of the coolest stuff I think I’ve ever done. It’s got a little bit of a retro vibe about it, but in a real hip, kind-of cool way. Some of the songs, it takes me back to when the Eagles were just really killing it: the big harmonies and big vocal group kind of sound.”

His second album will be his first-ever Christian album:

“I’m really, really excited about that. I always wanted to do it, but I also felt like I needed to get to the right place in my life to do that. Music started coming to me last year, like it was uncontrollable. I would write with some friend of mine who’s in the country thing, and we’d end up writing a Christian song, because I’d play something for them, and they’d go, ‘Crap! That’s really good!’ and they’d jump on it with me. I’ve written a lot of it by myself.”

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