Dart-Throwing Competition Clouded By ‘Fartgate’

A British dart-throwing competition took a turn for the stinky when one player accused the other of passing gas, causing him to lose the match.

By DAVID on November 19, 2018
(Photo credit: John Gichigi /Allsport)

Yeah, I went there. There was a dart-throwing competition recently. Competitive darts, not just some dudes having a good time in a bar. But there was one looming stench in the room that, one competitor says, cost him the championship.

So the two throwers who were competing against each-other accused each other of farting during their opponent’s turn. I mean, this seriously sounds like some middle-school stuff, but it’s seriously true. There were TV interviews and everything. Wesley Harms and Gary Anderson are the two players. Wesley was “blown away” (I wish I could claim that pun) by Gary with a score of 10-2. Wesley accused Gary of farting during his turn, distracting him with the stench. In the past, apparently Gary has admitted to farting during opponent’s turns. Though he says this time was gas-free, and it wasn’t him.

Gary says about Wesley, “If the boy thinks I’ve farted, he’s 1,010 percent wrong.” He says the last time he did that on stage, it was due to a stomach ache, and he got a little more than he bargained for, if you know what I mean. Barry Hearn is the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) chairman. He couldn’t hold back on the fun as well, joking that “we’ve got to get to the bottom of this.” Then he added “something doesn’t smell right.” I love humor. Check out some more info on the story here, and count all the puns if you dare.

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