Dave And Buster’s Opening New Location In Elk Grove

By Admin on September 4, 2018
Dave and Buster's, Elk Grove (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for Dave & Buster's)
(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for Dave & Buster’s)

Looks like Roseville won’t be the only city with a Dave and Buster’s location soon. The Sacramento Business Journal says the arcade chain will be coming to the Elk Grove outlet mall. But, it’s going to take a while.

There’s some speculation as to if Dave and Buster’s will be in the mall itself or near it. Elk Grove Laguna News says the mall is supposed to open in 2020. But, it’s been pushed back for years.

Sadly, that’s all I know for now. So, keep an ear to the ground an until then, you can still go to the location in Roseville. Or, just go to Coin Op at K Street in Sacramento.

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