Devin Dawson Definitively Defines How To Say Casa Roble

Orangevale’s Devin Dawson is having his moment. And so is his old high school, sort of.

By kncitom on March 23, 2018
Devin, Tom and a KNCI listener with Devin in January

By Tom Mailey

Orangevale’s Devin Dawson is having his moment. And so is his old high school, sort of.

Let me explain.

Devin’s debut album, Dark Horse, is one of the most critically-acclaimed releases from any artist this year, and his debut single, All On Me, is in the top 5 and by the time you read this may have reached #1. Heck, Ellen presented him with a gold record for All On Me right after he performed it on her show.

Not bad for a kid from Casa Roble high school.

Or is it Casa Ro-blay?

That was the rabbit hole Pat and I went down recently when we realized, after over 25 years living here, we weren’t sure how to properly pronounce the name of one of the areas most notable high schools…and asking around didn’t help! The voice mail at the school says “Casa RO-bul” but when we called again, an administrator called it “ro-BLAY’. Alumni weighed in via phone and Facebook, some with the former pronunciation, some with the latter.

So it was more than a little serendipitous when our boss told us later that morning that Devin was scheduled to call in the next day! Forget questions about all his critical acclaim thus far, or touring this year with Brett Eldredge and later, Tim and Faith. We wanted to speak to Devin for one reason only: how does HE say Casa Roble?

“Alright, I’m gonna give you the low-down” he told us. “There are four ways to do it. There is ‘Casa Ro-blay’, which I’m not gonna lie that’s the way I say (it). The other way is ‘ro-bull’, like you’ve heard. I’ve even heard plural, like ‘Casa Ro-bullsss’.” And he also said he’s heard people roll the “r’ because it’s of Spanish origin. But, again, Devin, how do you pronounce it?

I say Casa Ro-blay”.

Good enough for us! Casa Ro-blay it is from here on out … and judging by his hot start (and undeniable talent), we may be referring to Devin and Orangevale and his alma-mater for a long time to come.

Hear more of our interview with Devin, including how it felt to be surprised with a gold record for All On Me by Ellen, and how a Battle of the Bands at his old high school was what ignited his desire to become a professional musician. Just click below



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