Did Granger Smith Just Reveal Where Earl Dibbles Jr Really Came From?

A little insight into Granger’s creative mind …

By kncitom on November 27, 2020

Granger Smith’s Country Things Volume 2 today (Nov 27th). The 8 songs are a follow up to Country Things Volume 1, released earlier this year, and both volumes include a few songs from his comedic alter-ego, Earl Dibbles Jr.

But where did Earl come from? What’s his origin story? In an interview with Granger for an upcoming episode of my songwriting podcast, Write You a Song, Granger gave a hilarious look into how his mind worked even as a kid…and suddenly the existence of Earl makes a little more sense. 

We were talking about all of Granger’s creative outlets- music, singing, songwriting, book writing, an entire alter-ego, a YouTube channel with his wife and family, and I asked if he was always an imaginative person.

I remember…I would enter as many creative contests as I could in elementary school” he said.

Poetry contests. Art contests. Young Granger entered them all. And, he had a competitive streak.

I would get so wrapped up in that stuff- I can remember one time, I actually got in trouble in an art contest, because I entered it four times, using a different name each time.” 

So, Granger and alter-egos seem to go back a ways. To hear the rest of his story- including how Granger got busted- just click the clip below. And to find out more about his new album, including a contest you can enter to win a new truck, click here 

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