Dierks Bentley Teaches His Kids To Appreciate Their Privileges

Dierks Bentley wants to raise kids who are appreciative and aware of the world around them. He takes them to a local food bank so they can learn compassion.

By Admin on August 14, 2018
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Dierks Bentley is mindful of the kinds of kids that he wants to raise. Though he could easily provide his children with whatever they desire, he wants them to appreciate what they have.

“We constantly think about ways to give our kids as much of a balance as possible,” Bentley told CMT. “One of our favorite things to do is just go to Second Harvest, which is a food bank in Nashville, and pack backpacks for kids. They learn about the fact that these kids get their food from school. That’s the only place they really eat.”

Exposing his three children to such a different reality and lifestyle helps them learn compassion. Something that they take for granted may be difficult to come by for someone else.

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“It really helps them understand the privileges they have,” he added, “and hopefully plants a little bit of a seed in them for having that compassion and interest in helping folks in their community.”

Bentley works closely with the Second Harvest Food Bank. He partnered with them to launch his Mountain High tour to provide over 8,000 meals for children in the summer.

“When you’ve had a chance to climb your own mountain,” Bentley reflected, “you can always look back around and see who you can help on their journey as well.”

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