Disneyland Is Now Selling Candy Corn Churros With Dipping Sauce

By ghderoy on October 19, 2018
(Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

Disneyland has really been stepping up their churro game with all these new flavors!

There is the cookie-crumble-topped Maleficent churro, the pumpkin spice churro, caramel apple churro, and now new two-toned candy-corn-inspired churro.

The new treat is an orange sugar churro with candy corn dipping sauce and it can be purchased for $5.75 at the churro cart near Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland.


You’re probably wondering how it tastes. The orange and yellow sprinkles are flavorless, so the churro by itself taste like just any other churro. But the dipping sauce is marshmallow sauce on the top with an orange candy corn-flavored sauce on the bottom paired with a few pieces of candy corn.

If you’re heading to Disneyland soon, you might want to give this new churro a chance!

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